App-V Edge Problems: The IE Mode And The Fonts Subsystem

Months have passed since our first blog on the topic (Recipe: Virtualize Edge with App-V). During this time the Edge has proven to be a very stable App-V application. If I read from time to time that a new critical vulnerability is emerging, the virtual Edge can react quickly. At this point I would like to point out that we regularly create the Edge and other browsers for our customers. This is done with known AppV bugfixes and with customer specific settings. If you are interested please contact me. For example on Twitter @Nickinformation

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Recipe: Virtualize Edge with App-V

Microsoft released a new Edge Browser based on the Google Engine Chromium a few weeks ago. This will be installed over an existing installation, but can also be installed on server systems that did not have an Edge Browser before. It is interesting that this Edge can be installed without problems on older systems like Server 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1. Nice is that the new Edge-Browser can be virtualized easily with App-V. We have been using an App-V variant of the application since the release and have had no problems with it so far.

Note: The document Virtualizing Edge with App-V is especially thanks to Thorsten @endi24. Thanks for the support! Furthermore I thank @bsplittg for testing the package.

Note2: Ihere is now another article from us with additional informationhere is now another article from us with additional information

The package works on current and on all older Microsoft operating systems when created with a classic (not ADK) sequencer (App-V 5.1). The Edge App-V package can work parallel to an existing Edge. An App-V Edge browser has its own settings, if you like. For example, your own homepage or another search engine. All this is only valid for Windows systems. Because the new Edge-Browser is also available for MacOS!

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The PowerShell Book Generator

Have you always wanted to write a book with 100 or even 1000 or more pages? With Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Book Generator, it takes only a few seconds. The PowerShell Book Generator was created by the way on the last and afterwards (I try to fill the time optimally and I hope to see you there again in June 2020). Basically it is about implementing the internal PowerShell help for a topic completely in book form as PDF with table of contents.The idea came to me when I saw that there are more and more books where more and more content is simply copied from the internal help into the document. Of course the generator can also be used to document your own PowerShell modules. How does the internal PowerShell help work?

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App-V Server And Package Report

The basic version of the App-V server and vault report was created as a PowerShell script in mid-2019. In the tradition of Carl Webster, originally only one documentation script was to be created for an App-V environment. That means information about the SQL Server, the database and installation parameters as well as the provided App-V packages.In 2019 I quickly realized that this is a nice report but it does not contain the information I wanted. It often happens, for example, that the import of external configuration files is forgotten. Then no scripts are running or the services in the package are not deactivated and the user gets an update message after starting his application. Deployed applications behave strangely on the client and nobody knows why. Especially it is also a problem if those who once built the packages are no longer in the company. Nobody can know where which scripts are running and QA is everything.

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App-V PowerShell Module AppVForcelets

Some time ago I created a PowerShell documentation script for an App-V server infrastructure. I reworked it with much effort in December 2019. Many functions that were previously mapped via the script have migrated into the module. In its current state the module is especially good for extracting information from the ".AppV" file but also for extracting information from the external configuration files UserConfig.xml and DeploymentConfig.xml.

Still the legal stuff: We do not give any warranty for the function or damages. The module is licensed under the MIT license. Program errors are not excluded.This year we plan to add more features to the module. First of all you can do some nice things with the module. You can download the module at the bottom of this blog. Alternatively you can download the current version from the PowerShell Gallery. If you install the module in UserScope (and PoSh 5.x) the package will be under Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules with the following command:

install-Module AppVForcelets -Scope CurrentUser
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