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Have you always wanted to write a book with 100 or even 1000 or more pages? With Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Book Generator, it takes only a few seconds. The PowerShell Book Generator was created by the way on the last and afterwards (I try to fill the time optimally and I hope to see you there again in June 2020). Basically it is about implementing the internal PowerShell help for a topic completely in book form as PDF with table of contents.The idea came to me when I saw that there are more and more books where more and more content is simply copied from the internal help into the document. Of course the generator can also be used to document your own PowerShell modules. How does the internal PowerShell help work?

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PowerShell Sign Code And Upload In The PowerShell Gallery

PowerShell_sign_code_and_upload_in_the_PowerShell galleryPowerShell_sign_code_and_upload_in_the_PowerShell galleryLast friday at the PowerShell Usergroup Hannover I briefly talked about CodeSigning for PowerShell modules for upload to the PowerShell Gallery. Well, the interest of my colleagues was bigger than expected and also some questions remained unanswered. Here also some things have changed. Fact is, most modules in the Gallery are unsigned. In the end, the question always arises, why sign at all, when the PowerShell execution policy can be so easily overridden?For example it is possible to execute arbitrary code with

Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File <PathToPowershellSkript.ps1>.

I have been using code signing certificates for my community PowerShell scripts for several years. This is especially well received by our customers. Our work is digitally signed with it. Furthermore the inhibitions are a little bit bigger to change scripts later because the signature block always has to be changed.

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