Error Codes of App-V 5 Packages

The typical App-V error code consists of 2 x 4 bytes in the form hexadecimal: "0x000000-0x000000". The first six characters refer to the App-V source code and can be ignored. For error analysis the last 10 characters are interesting. So "00-0x000000". The first two characters show the type of error and the source. The last eight characters are the actual error code. Once an error code is returned as a decimal number, then this decimal number must be converted to a hexadecimal value for analysis.

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Hidden App-V Registry Keys

Now since 2004 I have been implementing projects with Microsoft App-V (then Softgrid) and yet the product surprises me again and again with unknown elements. After the M.A.D. Day 2019 we had a TroubleShooting Session with Sebastian Gernert. We noticed that App-V always accesses the registration key "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AppV\Subsystem\Disabled\". It was on my todo list for a long time to analyze this key once. Now I finally got around to it. At first we created a key "Disabled" and already a number of subkeys like "Integration", "Virtual Fonts", "Virtual Services" etc. appeared in ProcMon.
So the App-V client has some hidden registry keys to disable the different subsystems globally and this can be very useful.
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App-V Edge Problems: The IE Mode And The Fonts Subsystem

Months have passed since our first blog on the topic (Recipe: Virtualize Edge with App-V). During this time the Edge has proven to be a very stable App-V application. If I read from time to time that a new critical vulnerability is emerging, the virtual Edge can react quickly. At this point I would like to point out that we regularly create the Edge and other browsers for our customers. This is done with known AppV bugfixes and with customer specific settings. If you are interested please contact me. For example on Twitter @Nickinformation

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SQL Server Management Studio 18.5 (SSMS) App-V Recipe

The old recipe for SSMS 17.x was a nice success for me with about 1000 hits. Especially the comments were enlightening. The licensing problem could be solved with a simple registration key. With 18.5 there is nothing more to do here.

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Recipe: Virtualize Edge with App-V

Microsoft released a new Edge Browser based on the Google Engine Chromium a few weeks ago. This will be installed over an existing installation, but can also be installed on server systems that did not have an Edge Browser before. It is interesting that this Edge can be installed without problems on older systems like Server 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1. Nice is that the new Edge-Browser can be virtualized easily with App-V. We have been using an App-V variant of the application since the release and have had no problems with it so far.

Note: The document Virtualizing Edge with App-V is especially thanks to Thorsten @endi24. Thanks for the support! Furthermore I thank @bsplittg for testing the package.

Note2: Ihere is now another article from us with additional informationhere is now another article from us with additional information

The package works on current and on all older Microsoft operating systems when created with a classic (not ADK) sequencer (App-V 5.1). The Edge App-V package can work parallel to an existing Edge. An App-V Edge browser has its own settings, if you like. For example, your own homepage or another search engine. All this is only valid for Windows systems. Because the new Edge-Browser is also available for MacOS!

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