Install WinGet and AppInstaller on Windows Server 2022

The 1.x release for Winget (from Microsoft) has been published. A small command line tool, which can be used to install thousands of applications quickly. can be installed quickly. There are he many blog articles, how to install Winget for Windows 10 (in beta). Unfortunately however, no article on how to make it work on a Windows Server. Basically everything can be installed on Server 2019 after, what is available for Windows 10. We just need to "extract" the Appx and MSIX files for this. Files from the store "extract". With Winget, unfortunately, there was the limitation, that the command line is not yet supported in Server 2019 due to build 1809. is supported. For Server 2022 it's different and when in the last days we installed one of one of the first ISO images of Server 2022 the idea came up right away, Winget there to test and write a short tutorial if it works.
The Winget tool is included in the preview version or insider version of Windows App Installer. We need to install an insider version of App Installer to be able to use be able to use Winget. In this procedure it is mandatory to use Microsoftstore is necessary, which we cannot easily use on Windows Server.

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