Hidden App-V Registry Keys

Now since 2004 I have been implementing projects with Microsoft App-V (then Softgrid) and yet the product surprises me again and again with unknown elements. After the M.A.D. Day 2019 we had a TroubleShooting Session with Sebastian Gernert. We noticed that App-V always accesses the registration key "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AppV\Subsystem\Disabled\". It was on my todo list for a long time to analyze this key once. Now I finally got around to it. At first we created a key "Disabled" and already a number of subkeys like "Integration", "Virtual Fonts", "Virtual Services" etc. appeared in ProcMon.
So the App-V client has some hidden registry keys to disable the different subsystems globally and this can be very useful.
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SQL Server Management Studio 18.5 (SSMS) App-V Recipe

The old recipe for SSMS 17.x was a nice success for me with about 1000 hits. Especially the comments were enlightening. The licensing problem could be solved with a simple registration key. With 18.5 there is nothing more to do here.

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App-V Link Cleanup Script

Again and again we had to find out that sometimes App-V shortcuts in the user profile or even globally on the back. This can happen for various reasons. In particular, after a missing unpublishing for a user even if the package no longer exists. For nonpersistent VDI or Terminal Server this is no problem in the global context under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs, because the systems are always in their original state after a reboot.For user profiles, however, this is a problem.
Since I have a little more time right now, I finally get to publish the script I created a long time ago for this problem.

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App-V Registry Staging Problems With Citrix PVS (MCS Images)

A few weeks ago, one of our customers experienced the problem that some App-V applications were not started until the second start. This seemed to be caused by the registry staging of the App-V application. With App-V Registry Staging, data from the application is copied to the following area of the registry when the application (Publish AppVClientPackage) is released.


When the action is complete, an empty key RegistryStagingFinished is generated.

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All App-V Events And Messages

It's been a while since I've published anything here. I often don't have the time to do some really cool things in the basement. Only some time ago I played with the App-V Eventlog and found out which App-V events there are at all. That's interesting because there are news that nobody actually knows about. The messages are no real help for errors. I recommend rather the website http://app-v.de/html/app-v_5_error_codes.html . Still, maybe you can do something with it. By the way, there are many more App_V log providers. Please ask if you need one

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