NITDedupBenchmark, a Test Tool for Storage Systems with Data-Deduplication

This tool is a test program for storage systems and can generate and measure real workloads. This also for an SSD or a hardware based storage. However, I have made this tool for data deduplicated file systems. Data deduplication and storage virtualization or “Software defined Storage” for storage systems is a new trend in the storage market. Data deduplicating storage systems are especially suitable for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environments, since they reach a very high data-deduplication rate. Likewise for cloud environments with virtual servers that posses a high storage redundancy. A further advantage is that in particular the Read IOPS are greatly increased when a deduplicated datablock only needs to be read once. The deduplication of the data means both that processor performance will be required and that most of the time a really large memory cache will be used as well.

In-line data duplication can be imagined such that several available data blocks in real time are recognized on the memory device prior to writing and as an ultimate consequence must not always be written.


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Nick-IT ClearType Tools and DesktopRefresh

ClearType is the antialiasing for all characters in Windows, which improves the legibility of text on monitors. The basis for this is the Windows application Cttune.exe. By starting this application the user initiates a workflow process in order to adapt the symbols for optimal display on his or her monitor. Unfortunately this very process is sometimes problematic. On one hand I like to disable the ClearType function for certain Terminal server users upon registration. On the other hand the user sometimes wants to avoid the workflow. Sometimes the users themselves can feel overwhelmed by the workflow. To address this we have written three small tools that allow for the enabling and disabling of the ClearType function by the push of a button. At the end of this article is a download for this tool collection, in both ZIP and MSI.

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