App-V Registry Staging Problems With Citrix PVS (MCS Images)

A few weeks ago, one of our customers experienced the problem that some App-V applications were not started until the second start. This seemed to be caused by the registry staging of the App-V application. With App-V Registry Staging, data from the application is copied to the following area of the registry when the application (Publish AppVClientPackage) is released.


When the action is complete, an empty key RegistryStagingFinished is generated.

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ConceptOne PowerShell and WPF Editor Preview

The ConceptOne PowerShell and WPF (Windows Presentation Editor) editor is a new editor by Tobias Welter and a holistic solution for providing PowerShell scripts with a GUI (Graphical User Interface). After the extension ISESteroids for the PowerShell ISE (Install-Module -Name isesteroids -Scope CurrentUser) Tobias is now programming a completely new editor. This will have the ability to edit WPF interfaces directly in this editor. This makes it possible to quickly add a GUI to your own PowerShell scripts to pass them on to colleagues without PowerShell prior knowledge.In addition, the new editor already shows a significant improvement in performance for the IntelliSense feature. In the PowerShell Unser Group Hannover we were allowed to test the editor already in early 2018. With the PSConf.EU 2019 Tobias has now officially released a version and given permission to write something about it. Much in the editor is reminiscent of Visual Studio code.If you are interested in Concept One you have to wait for an official release.

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Start Administrative PowerShell Tasks As A User With The Eventlog Trigger

The Eventlog Trigger

The Eventlog trigger allows you to start an application or a PowerShell script for a specific Eventlog entry. This blog describes the automated creation of such Scheduled Tasks with PowerShell and the possibilities to use such a task as a service replacement. Such a script can also always be started with system rights or as a "Network Service" (in this case the permissions of the computer are used for the network access). In the end, a small write access to an event log is sufficient. This can be created by the user.

New-EventLog -LogName 'MyEventlog' -Source 'powershell.exe'

As a rule, a user may write to such a log. But of course write access can only be allowed for certain users and groups. For this I found the following blog. But there are also other possibilities.

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All App-V Events And Messages

It's been a while since I've published anything here. I often don't have the time to do some really cool things in the basement. Only some time ago I played with the App-V Eventlog and found out which App-V events there are at all. That's interesting because there are news that nobody actually knows about. The messages are no real help for errors. I recommend rather the website . Still, maybe you can do something with it. By the way, there are many more App_V log providers. Please ask if you need one

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A Simple On Screen Keyboard In PowerShell

Already in April I programmed my PSConftris in PowerShell. This is available in the PowerShell gallery and can be used withAlready in April I programmed my PSConftris in PowerShell. This is available in the PowerShell gallery and can be used with

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